Abaad Developers Private Limited is a certified e-waste management company which opened its doors in 2007 and we have never looked back. In just over a decade we have established the Abaad Developers name as a stalwart in the plantation industry. With that success in tow we have since expanded into the end to end e-waste management service industry.

At Abaad, we provide comprehensive e-waste management services across India. The drive to do so comes from multiple places including our desire to do more for the environment. Our certified e-waste services enable clients to manage their e-waste in the most eco and pocket friendly ways possible. To do this we go beyond industry standards to provide efficient, ethical and environment friendly services.

Our state-of-art e-waste management facility is a marvel of the modern age and allows us to extract maximum resources from waste while also minimizing land fill. We ensure that our recycling processes are done without any negative consequences to the ecological balance of our biosphere.