How to Dispose E Waste in India?

In the year 2016, e-waste (Management) Rules was introduced in which the concept of EPR was given. It was said that the manufacturers of electronic and electric equipments must facilitate their collect and return it to authorised dismantlers or recyclers.

Rising income levels and affordable technology are the two key reasons for growth in electronic device usage in India. Within a short period of 5 years, India has become one among the top consumers of electronic goods. Now, the challenge lies in the disposal of these e-waste in a safe and environment friendly manner. Disposing e-waste is of paramount importance to any country because the electronic device contains harmful substances such as – lead, mercury, cadmium, flammable retardants and toxic chemicals. When e-waste is disposed unsafely, the above-mentioned metals and chemicals will pollute the soil, water and biodiversity causing massive destruction in long term.

To avoid these events, there are many specialized agencies in the country who undertake right process in safely disposing e-waste.

Here are few quick examples on how to dispose e waste in India.

  1. Reuse: The best step is to reuse your electronic device to the end of the cycle. Upgrade your device only if there is a need and prefer to choose second-hand gadgets.
  2. Repair: Get your device repaired in your authorized service stores. Choose devices which have fair repair policy.
  3. Recycle: Most of the leading brands have a collection programme for discarded e-waste. Talk to the brands and understand the collection process. If there is no collection programme, then the fundamental for e-waste disposing is to sort them appropriately and don’t mix them with daily kitchen waste. Think beyond laptop and mobile, even small electronic devices needs to be recycled properly. Once you have sorted, connect to the nearest electronic certified e-waste recycler.

The certified e-waste recycler will come to your location, pick the waste by giving you a certificate and then process them. The e waste based on the condition will be refurbished, or parts will be extracted for re-use or safely incinerated.

A good process of e waste management covers the following –

– Plastic from e waste is recycled to make trays and other plastic items.

– Mercury extracted is sent to specialized facility or unit for further recovery and re-use.

– Metal recovered is melted and used to make new products.

– Finally, the other left-over material is sent to authorize units for disposal.