Are you a bulk waste generator, an institution generating bulk electronic waste or a business generating e-waste? Connect with us, and we will offer e-waste management services that excel in customer satisfaction and compliance and customer services.

We offer safe, efficient, simple, finest and compliant e-waste recycling services across India.

We customize our services to each client’s needs. Moreover, our services are fully compliant with national guidelines on e-waste management.

Our services to clients are guaranteed with –

1. Simple Service: Implementation of all our services is very simple and quick. Our services include e-waste recycling, disposal, assets management, data destruction, and EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility). We are just one call away for you to recycle your e-waste with us

2. Assured Certification: Post every e-waste recycling and environment-friendly disposal, we offer our clients with Recycling Certification as per government standards.

3. Finest Data Destruction service: We offer India’s finest data destruction services covering – hard drive shredding, hard drive degaussing and data wiping. Our extended services include both on-site and off-site data destruction. We ensure useful data protection and safety.

4. Efficient Collection & Logistics: We have the best integrated and efficient collection and logistic network with pick-up from any part of India.

At ABAADD Developers Pvt Ltd, we maintain an impeccable standard in the offering of our services and maintenance of our facility. We adopt the principle of circular economy in all the e-waste management services we offer to our customers. We offer guaranteed end-to-end management services. You can also sell old printer for cash in India to us.

So, if you are looking for the absolute best IT asset & e-waste disposition management services, contact us today.

Whether a business is looking for recycling or disposing of e-waste or an institution looking for discarding old personal computers or printers, the services offered by ABAADD Developers Private Limited is the finest. We provide simple yet fully compliant recycling across the country. Today, we are the world largest e waste recycling hub with specially designated services for-


Commercial customers

Small business andResidential customers.

Our services of e-waste management covers –






Digital gadgets

Electronics and so on.