Data Destruction

Handing over of Data Devices like HDDs, Media tapes, Flash drives etc. is a major challenge for any organization while going for disposal of IT equipment. These Data Devices are loaded with lots of confidential information of the company & its clients and personal / secret information of the staff etc. and hence it becomes very important that before handing over such devices, all the data are completely sanitized / destroyed.

Hard Drive Shredding

An out of service or no more valid for End-of-Life IT Equipment is considered twenty-five percent secured concerning the company's brand and confidential information after Hard Drive shredding process. In Hard drive shredding or degaussing, in order to protect the system from exposure to breach—it's hard to drive is shredded technically and physically via shredders and hence, the data residing within the drive of Electronic waste gets destroyed in an unrecoverable manner.

HDD Data Whipping

Data whipping refers to the complete blanking out of Data residing in invalidate Electrical waste before integrated recycling. Data whipping doesn't do any physical damage to parts of IT Assets but only erases all the confidential, sensitive and insensitive data in one go!

We provide exclusive service using our excellent capabilities for secure data wiping. It securely erases sensitive and confidential data across Drives, Devices and Platforms. We provide globally acceptable secure and safe tamper proof erasure certificates. We ensure you that the erased data cannot be recovered. Software Wiping is certified and tested  by the Department of  Electronics and Information Technology (STQC), Govt. of India.